Hell keep

First map for Doom II I ever created. It based on a dream I had and revolves around Y shaped blood canal splitting the map into three general areas: the courtyard, the keep itself and a cramped prison to the east. It is fairly small and compact level that is not so hard to finish. Construction time was about 40 hours spread out over 3 weeks in my spare time using the SLADE3 editor on Linux. It runs well in ZDoom, GZDoom, Doomsday Engine, and Chocolate Doom.

It occupies Map21 slot and was intended as a replacement for the Nirvana level I didn't really like. The idea was that this should be the introductory level for the hell portion of the game. It was designed for singleplayer, there are deathmatch spawns, however, to my knowledge the level hasn't been tested in multiplayer and would probably need balancing. Only after finishing, packing the level, and sending it over to my friend to test it out I realised that e3m1 from Doom is also called Hell keep.

So, you finally enter the Hell once more, the way is shut and it was shut by those who are dead. But you don't care, you've proven that even death may die, the Hell keep, its caretaker living inside and, his minions are going to either run away screaming or get cold on the floor. And you suspect that it's going to be the latter, so with a grin on your face you pump up a new round into your trusty shotgun and let the hell break loose...



A friend of mine recored a playthrough of my level which I hereby present, spoiler warning.