Stubble is a plugin for Autodesk Maya 2011 providing user-friendly virtual hairstyling, i.e., creation, editing, and animation of hair or fur on 3D models. It is written in C++ and MEL scripting language using the OpenGL and Qt libraries.

It was submitted and defended as a software project by: Martin Bulant, Ivan Jankovič, Jan Kadlec, Petr Kadleček, Martin Kahoun, Martin Liška, Martin Šik, Aleš Tamchyna. See Stubble on GitHub.

Main features

  • Low disk space footprint of the generated data at render time
  • Procedural hair generation and interpolation via editable guide hairs
  • Hair dynamics via Maya NURBS curves
  • Wide user control over the output using textures
  • Intuitive interface with real-life like tools, e.g., scissors or brush
  • large variety of input devices, e.g., mouse, tablet, or a haptic device